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Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a form of natural therapy methods that bring balance to the mind, body, and soul. The most common forms of holistic healing used today are: mindfulness, color therapy, aromatherapy, breath work, music therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, and the options are unlimited when it comes to the number of ways you can heal yourself with nature!


Who can benefit from holistic healing?


Anyone can benefit from holistic healing, especially people in the adult entertainment industry. Entertainers have stressful and demanding jobs that require a high vibration. They are often required to work in low-vibrational environments while catering to low-vibrational people.  This is most common in marginalized SW communities. Instead of bringing energetic muck home, to your sacred space, you can use holistic methods to raise your vibration. Raising your vibration helps you get the most out of your hustle!

High vibration = more money, more blessings, more peace, and more happiness!


How can SWs keep a high vibration?

Some simple ways to keep a high vibration while working in the adult entertainment industry are: grounding, prayer, meditation, yoga, cardio, positive affirmations, staying hydrated, eating alkaline organic foods, visualizing success, spirituality, protection stones, and more!


Holistic healing is a wonderful world that is full of opportunities to become your Highest version. Alternative therapy and natural remedies offer unlimited health, wealth, and positive transformation. The best part about it is that you can do many of these things alone and most of them are free! It costs nothing, but a little bit of energy and time, to give thanks right now. Even just the practice of giving thanks brings more abundance and blessings! Your ability to manifest and heal are innate. This power is right at your finger tips at all times. 


With guidance from a trusted and trained healer, you can truly get the most out of life. Nobody rises to the top alone. Everyone needs a team cheering them on, especially marginalized communities such as black and LGBTIQA sex workers.

Who can benefit from working with Amber Amour?

  • Survivors of sexual assault

  • Couples

  • People who would like to transition careers or get the most out of their current

  • Business-owners

  • Adult entertainers 

  • Retired SWs

  • LGBTIQA+ people

Services for Sex workers

Whether you're new to the industry or a vet, the adult entertainment world isn't for the faint of heart! In a world that constantly shames women for expressing their sexuality, it is absolutely necessary to have healers who know the industry so they can better serve the SW community. 

Heauxlistique is a brand that is by workers and for sex workers.

It's important for sex workers to heal each other because of the stigma that mental healthcare professionals still carry. In addition to that, many sex workers feel that they may be in danger if they get help or tell someone about their line of work. 

Whatever your experience has been in the industry, you can trust that you will always be in a safe and confidential space when investing in any of of our services.

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