healing for heaux

As an adult entertainer on a spiritual path, Amber always made the connection between sex and spirituality since day one!.

Sex workers brings so much beauty, light, and power to the planet. They deserve to be glorified, just like they were in the ancient times. 

To help empower herself and others, Amber Amour created the brand, Heauxlistique, a combination of the words "heaux" (ie. hoe) and "holistic" to infuse her two favorite things: sex and spirituality.

In the previous years, Amber has led Heauxlistique Retreats for spiritual sex workers and she also teaches manifestation methods to adult entertainers on her private paid course page @divinefeminineacademy.

Today, the Heauxlistique brand specializes in sharing Amber's Elite Dating methods. 

Elite Dating is the perfect way for adult entertainers to retire from the game and still live a lavish lifestyle.

To sign up for her private course for spiritual sex workers that are interested in Elite Dating, click here!

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