Positive Affirmations for Adult Entertainers

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Need a little sunshine in your life? A reminder of how strong and beautiful you are? I got you! I created this list to remind myself and the world how incredibly amazing sex workers are. You deserve all the glory, love, respect, and Divine blessings the Universe has to offer!

Read this for a little pick-me-up or say them daily to get yourself into a more positive mindset. Words matter. Thoughts matter. Choose wisely.

  1. I am a money-making machine!

  2. Everything I touch turns to gold.

  3. I get richer by the minute.

  4. I am open to receiving the lavish abundance of the Universe.

  5. I receive huge amounts of money increasing quantities on a regular basis.

  6. I am at peace with my finances.

  7. I pay all my bills on time and with gratitude.

  8. I'm good at saving money.

  9. I am SOOOO grateful!

  10. The Universe blesses me constantly.

  11. I am a heaux. I am a healer.

  12. I hustle to support my loved ones and that's all that matters.

  13. It's my life, my body.

  14. Being a heaux means I'm a brave badass.

  15. SW is healing.

  16. I am thankful for the blessings this work brings me.

  17. The game gods bless me because I have stepped into my destiny.

  18. I manifest sheer opulence for myself and others.

  19. Heaux are doing the work of the Divine.

  20. SW brings beauty to my life and to the world.

Now, get out there and shine like the star you are!

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