Kemetic Reiki is the ancient Egyptian art of energy healing. It's a proven-method that clears away negative energy from the chakras, which allows you to tap into your personal power. 


Reiki is recommended for:

-Survivors of trauma


-Anyone who is feeling unbalanced, ungrounded, and/or anxious

-People experiencing writer's block or issues communicating

-People suffering from heartbreak

-People in unstable relationships

-People suffering from childhood abuse

-Anyone who is ready to release the pain of the past


Kemetic Reiki uses:





-Shamanic Instruments


-Sound healing

-Palm Therapy

-and MUCH more to clear away negative energy


Remote Session Instructions:

-Schedule your session for a time where you can be in a quiet space, free from background-noise

-Lay or sit in a comfortable position

-Have your headphones available (not required) so you can relax your hands during your session. You may also put the phone on speaker

-The rest will be explained to you on the call


What to Expect in a Reiki Session:


Expect to let go of stagnant energy that may be holding you back from your dreams. Expect release. Expect healing and be ready to receive. 

Kemetic Reiki Healing

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