heauxlistique retreat

Puerto rico 
february 2022

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Heal your mind, body, and spirit in a safe space uniquely designed for empowerment. 

Heauxlistique Healing Retreats are all about fun, education, and leveling up!

At the Heauxlistique Retreat, you will learn how to make more money, 

balance your hustle with self-care, and make 2022 the most

profitable year, ever!

Workshops include Consent, 

Healing, and much more!

Who's invited?

The Heauxlistique Retreat is an opportunity to heal and connect with SWs at a luxury accommodation in paradise! I humbly invite all women and LGBTQ+  sex workers to join the next Heauxlistique Retreat in Puerto Rico! 


Heauxlistique Retreats are for adult entertainers who are ready to heal their mind, body, souls. It is a time to honor the sacred SWs who came before us, who paved the way, and who are still watching over us, like angels. 


Whether you’re a stripper, cam girl, sugar baby, high value gf/bf, escort, dominatrix, or phone sex hotline operator, you’re invited for a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with fellow SWs.

You must prove that you are in the industry by sending a link to your work page, website, or ads along with your submitted application.

What happens at Heauxlistique Retreats, stays at Heauxlistique Retreats!

Your identity is confidential and all attendees are required to fill out a NDA form upon arrival.


What happens at Heauxlistique Retreats?

 Heauxlistique Retreats are all about healing, empowerment, and sisterhood. My team and I create a safe space for adult entertainers, past, present, and for those just starting out. 


The retreat includes workshops led by SWs, a beach excursion, luxury accommodation, food, mindfulness methods, holistic healing, the opportunity to make friends in the industry and more! Many SWs come alone and end up leaving with brand new friends and even work partners!


Our goal is to provide a safe space for you to be yourself, talk about the joys and woes of the industry, and leave feeling lighter and more empowered than ever! We also create a sacred space to allow you to get in tune with your Higher Self, your Divine Feminine energy, and spiritual power.


Workshops we have had in the past include: Consent for SWs, Seduction Strategies, Safety and Screening, A Heaux's Guide to Intuition, Goddess Gatherings, and Comp-heaux-sition (a writing workshop). 

What's Included:

• luxury accommodation for 3 nights, 4 days

• 5+ workshops

• breakfast & dinner​

  • island transportation

• beach excursions

•  yoga and meditation

•  moonlight bonfire & goddess gathering


February 24-28, 2022


The retreat will take place in Puerto Rico. For the safety of our attendees, the exact location will be revealed once you have paid your deposit.

All of our retreats take place in five-star, luxury accommodations fit for royalty. 


We are seeking 3 workshop leaders to bring their talent and expertise to the 2022 Heauxlistique Retreat on the following topics: money management, holistic healing, yoga, mindfulness, consent, how to navigate the industry (camming, stripping, sugaring, dominatrix work, etc), screening methods, finesse strategies, sugaring tips, how to be a top-earner in your industry. 


To apply as a workshop leader, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Your pitch should include the Title of the Workshop, estimated length (1-2 hours max) of workshop, your industry experience, and a brief summary (3-5 sentences) on what your workshop for the Heauxlistique Retreat is about. 


Workshop leaders get a 10% discount, a surprise gift after the retreat, and other perks for their contribution to the Heauxlistique Retreat!

What's the purpose of the Heauxlistique Retreats?

I created the Heauxlistique Retreats because I saw an urgent need for healing in our community. Witnessing drug and alcohol addiction, unhealed trauma and PTSD, colorism, racism, and whorephobia in the adult industry inspired me to create a solid solution for SWs. The solution is to gather once, or even a few times a year, to focus on love, connectedness, healing and financial freedom. We explore how to get your needs met in the industry, by SDs and high value partners, clients, friends, family and society. 


Sex workers need sisterhood. It’s important to know that you are not alone in your daily struggles and successes as a sex worker. There are millions of SWs out there, just like you. I created the Heauxlistique Retreats to connect you with healing, others, and the Universe! 

My own personal experience in the industry includes: camming, sugaring, dancing, pro-domme, companionship, elite dating, mentorship, and more. 

Most importantly, I started these retreats in honor of sacred sexual energy, which is rarely taught about. Sex, at its core is Divine. I began these retreats to help SWs see their own divinity and to honor the sacred SWs who came before us. SWs should not be outcasts of today's society, they should be honored. SWs should not be shamed for implementing their right to consent, they should be applauded for it!


SWs should celebrated, glorified, listened to, and uplifted for all the tremendous blessings they bring to the world. That's the space we have created for you at the Heauxlistique Retreats.


















To pay the early bird rate, you must apply and pay your deposit before January 25th, 2022. Registration closes February 5. 2022.

Click here to reserve now.


There are so many treasures that this land holds and we can support the economy of our sisters and brothers in PR by touring the island! If you'd like to see more of Puerto Rico, we are happy to help. 

After you pay your deposit, all attendees receive a copy of the Heauxlistique Retreat Information Packet with information about the island.


The price is $4444 per person for regular price or only $3333 for the early bird rate!

The early bird rate is only until January 21, 2022. To secure this special rate, you must pay your deposit of $555 by January 25th. After that, you can pay on a payment plan or in one, simple payment. 

Payment Plan for Early Bird Rate:

$555- Non-refundable deposit before January 21, 2022

$1389- 1st Payment-February 5, 2022

$1389- 2nd Payment- February 20, 2022

Total= $3333.00

Prices are for single-occupancy accommodation.

You can also pay in full and save $500.

Click here to pay now.



All deposits are non-refundable.  

In the event that you are unable to attend, you can choose between having your payment transferred and used for another retreat at a later date OR a full refund besides the $555 non-refundable deposit.

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Workshop Idea Submission Form 

Thanks for submitting!

See you in Puerto Rico!

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Black Sand Beach, Vieques Puerto Rico, Heauxlistique Retreat February 2020